Breed Info

Pomeranian is an old breed with its origin in mid Europe. It is the smallest variation of the german spitz. The german spitz was used as alarm mainly on farms where they should supervice the area and signal if anyone, human or animal, approached the farm. The breed has not changed much in type for over 100 years. Few inhereted defects but never the less very important to know as much as possible about and use the knowledge to breed better Pomeranians. It is a populair breed so the variation in quality is unfortenately quite large. Remeber that in dogs price and quality has almost nothing to do with each other. This is a breed that is very observant and has a need of telling its pack (family) what is going on. It is not neccessarily with a bark it can also be just with an eye contact. If the person show that they understand and also show that they take care of what is going on the Pomeranian is usually satisfied and consider the job done. Pomeranians are very attatched to their family but quite uninterested in occational visitors. They usually greet visitors friendly but then go on to do something else. They dont have much hunting instincts but like activities like agility, nosework and sometimes obidience. Puppies should have very short walks, where the puppy decide mostly where to go, in the beginning and need to learn their neighbourhood first. When they grow older, from 5-6 months, one can slowly increes excersise up to 2-3 kilometers  (1 ½ -2 miles). The Pom is fully grown and more stable in body when it is over a year old. Pomeranians are very receptive for praise, so to use that with a happy voice when training is the quickest way to success. All dogs are best trained with positive feedback instead of hurting them of yelling at them