About Us

I, Elisabeth Spillman Akerlund, live on a farm outside Vasteras with my husband Stefan. We moved here 1978, and the same year bought our first Pomeranian. We have a lovely son, Thomas, born 1988.

I have Always loved animals, so on this farm there has been quite a few different animals over the years. Horses, Friesians, Sheltlandsponies and Brittish Spotted Ponies. Hereford cow, Miniatyre pigs that I also exported twice to USA. Rabbits of several breeds, Hens, Turkeys, Ducks, Gees, Parrots, Cage birds, Chipmunks, Guineapigs, Cornsnakes, Chinchillas and of course cats of different breeds. Now we “only” have dogs and cats. Instead we have developed an intrerest for gardening and growing vegetables. We have a summerhouse on an island one hours drive from here. With fewer animals we can bring all 4 legged with us and spend lazy days on the island.

Dogbreeding has been my big interest. True to type Pomeranians with a focus on health and soundness is a very important and difficult work. With time and age knowledge increase and one also understand all difficulties better. Not loosing type at the same time as improving soundness is a chalenge that give me the fuel. I have been involved with the Swedish Pomeranian club since is was founded in 1989. First 14 years as the chairman and the following years as the vice chairman. I do seminars for the breedclub and have been involved in the making of all 3 judges manuals and also been involved in the developing of Breed Specific Strategies for Pomeranians. 1997 I finnished my judging education and became official FCI judge. I have judged Pomeranian specialities in Norway, Finland, Great Brittain and Russia.